Vintage Sewing Machine Workshop – with Skipped Stitches

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May 28th 2023, 1-4PM
at Makers Lodge, 428 Ramsay Concession 8, Carleton Place
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The vintage sewing machine workshop is a hands on workshop where you will learn to perform basic maintenance on your machine. You will be guided by facilitators who have worked on many many vintage machines in the past. To participate in these seminars, you will require some basic tools (most of which you can find around the house) and a vintage sewing machine.
You can find out more information about the workshops here.
Note- these are not repair clinics. You will work on your machine yourself with the help of the facilitators. While we can do some basics checks and fixes on your machines, we cannot do any major repairs, including repairs to electrical, motors or major components. If you machine requires electrical or motor repair, it’s recommended that you take it to a qualified technician in advance of the seminar to have these issues addressed.
This booking will take place on the second level. There is someone here to carry machines up the stairs.
A washroom is on site. Coffee/tea/soda available.


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