LDH – Lightweight Fabric Shears


This item: LDH - Lightweight Fabric Shears
1 × OLFA - Rotary Cutter (45mm)

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Crafted from industrial stainless steel, the lightweight handle makes these our lightest pair of fabric scissors.
Design: The blades are designed with blunted tips. The lightweight handle hugs your hand comfortably for quick precise cuts.
Recommended for: They’re designed for general sewing and crafting. They’re great to use with knitting, crochet, macrame, weaving, embroidery, and light to medium weight fabric trimming.
8″ Midnight Edition Lightweight Fabric Scissors: The blades are electroplated to achieve their signature Midnight colour.
8″ True Left-handed Lightweight Fabric Scissors: For left-handed people who have been using right-handed scissors for most of their life, there may be an adjustment period when you start to use true left-handed shears. A left-handed card with more info comes with each scissor.

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 3 cm

8" Midnight Edition, 8" True Left-Handed – Black, 8" Silver, 10" Midnight Edition