June POMs

Makers Lodge Project of the Month for June 2024


Granny Square Creations


Prize: $10 Gift Card

Prize: $10 Gift Card

Pattern Recommendations: 

1)  Katia – Insta Granny Scarf, Sweater, and Blanket 

2) MJ’s Off the Hook – Crossbody Bag

3) Luna Ballard – Night Court Hexagon Cardigan 

4) MJ’s Off the Hook – River Stone Coatigan 

5) All About Ami – Breezy Days Daisy Bag


Pattern Recommendations: 

1) Sew Liberated – Hinterland Dress (Woven) 

2) Sew Liberated – Lichen Duster (Woven) 

3) Sew Liberated – Stasia Dress (Knit) 

4) Love Notions – Laundry Day Tee (Knit) 

5) Peony patterns – Dandelion (Child, Woven) 

6) Simple Life – Aria Bow Dress (Child, Knit) 


Granny Square Tips: 

  1. do a practice square and block for gauge testing! If you are piecing these for a garment, you will want the tension and gauge accurate and consistent. 
  2. Weave ends as you go! 
  3. To avoid lots of colour changes and ends to weave, use a colour changing or striping yarn, like Cairns! 

Dress Sewing Tips: 

  1. Interfacing is an important step, if the pattern calls for in. Don’t skip it! 
  2. Stay stitch the neckline for a smooth finish. 
  3. when sewing with wovens, finish the raw edges with a serger, french seam, or zig zag to prevent fraying. 
  4. When sewing with wovens – set your seam with heat before and after hemming. 
  5. All recommended patterns listed are printed as A0’s in studio. The patterns in studio are available to trace during sew times, if you have previously purchased the pattern from the designer. 
  6. Note: pattern tracing paper is available to purchase, or you can bring your own. 

Katia Insta Granny Patterns: 

  1. These require an exact tension, and may take a few tries on the first square to get it perfect! 
  2. These are a “classic Granny square” 

Hinterland Dress: 

  1. On sale for the Month of May 
  2. includes a shirt option in the pattern 
  3. optional button placket can be made functional or decorative (find an amazing selection of buttons at Darrell Thomas, which is only a 7min drive from Makers Lodge) 

Crossbody Bag: 

  1. a great smaller granny square project 
  2. these squares are a lovely modern granny square structure 

Lichen Duster: 

  1.  We loved this choice for the versatility – it can be worn open as a duster or wrapped with the belt for a closed dress. 
  2. This pattern is on sale until the end of May 
  3. Cut this pattern on single layer fabric to maximize your fabric. 

Night Court Hexagon Cardigan: 

  1. this a a fun take on granny squares with the main construction being 2 large hexagon shape 
  2. the instructions are a bit wordy, and a youtube video is a great tool to complete these! 

Stasia Dress: 

  1. This pattern is on sale until the end of May 
  2. A quick and simple sew! 
  3. You can cut the skirt pieces on the fold to avoid a front and back seam. 

River Stone Coatigan: 

  1. This is a larger commitment to a granny square project this month. 
  2. A modern take on a classic garment that will be a wardrobe staple for years
  3. Free access to this pattern, and the instructions are clear. 
  4. You can opt to purchase a PDF version 

Laundry Day Tee: 

  1. This “tee” pattern was included because it is also a nice, A-line dress! 
  2. The pattern can be accessed for free by joining the Love Notions facebook group and getting the coupon code. 
  3. this is a quick and simple sew! 
  4. Lots of fabric options with this one. 
  5. Also makes a great tee-shirt! 

Breezy Days Daisy Bag: 

  1. This is a great construction for a granny square tote bag! 
  2. Another great modern granny square 
  3. Access to the pattern is free, or you can purchase a PDF version 

Dandelion Dress: 

  1. Interesting design, which is suitable for beginners! 
  2. No buttons or zippers for closure. 
  3. Maxi, vintage, and tee shirt lengths. 
  4. Check out the Peony Pattern youtube channel for tutorials 

Aria Bow Dress: 

  1. Long standing crowd favourite amongst home sewists and boutique shops. 
  2. This dress looks difficult but the instructions are very clear and it is advanced beginner friendly 


Yarn Recommendations: 

  1. Katia – Insta Granny (Worsted) 
  2. Estelle Yarns – Silk Harmony (Worsted) 
  3. Knig Cole – Fashion Aran (Aran) 
  4. Queensland – Cairns 
  5. Cascade Yarn – Anthem (Worsted) 
  6. Cascade Yarn – Anthem DK (DK) 
  7.  Queensland Collection – Coastal Cotton (Worsted)

Fabric Recommendations:


  1. Ramie Linen
  2. Ramie Stonewashed Linen 
  3. Linen/Cotton Chambray 
  4. Viscose/Linen Solids 
  5. Ecoviscose 
  6. Poplin 
  7. Panama Stripes


  1. Jersey 
  2. Hemp jersey 
  3. Bamboo/Cotton Jersey 
  4. Superfine Merino Jersey 
  5. Viscose Jersey 

Check out the bolt ends and cuts section on the website for some great prices on cuts that would be great for kid sizes! 


Studio Times

All Tuesday (Switches to Wednesday on June 12th) and Friday Evening Open Stitch Times and Saturday day Open Stitch Times can be used to work on POMs around the community table. 

Join for a Granny Square Day on June 8th! 


All sewing space bookings are great times to work on your POM! Schedule a Friday or Saturday for a day to yourself or book with a friend. The fully functional sewing studio has lots of natural light, big cutting tables, and all the accessories! 

Dress Sewing days with a guide: June 4th, and June 15th. 10-4pm 


Entries to the POM Prize

Regardless of which POM you choose to participate in (or both!), make sure you remember to post your project to social media and tag us for a chance to win! All posts that meet the criteria will be entered for a chance to win the prize for that POM. 


1) Materials for the POM must be purchased from Makers Lodge to qualify (notions and tools are exempted). 

2) Each post must tag Makers Lodge appropriately (Facebook: tag Makers Lodge; Instagram: tag @makerslodgecp AND tag us in your photo; for both, use hashtags #makerslodgecp #makerslodgepom). You may also enter by posting to the Makers Lodge: Virtual Makespace group on Facebook. 

3) Posts must be made by July 5th, 2023.

4) Prizes and contest are in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.