June POMs

Yarny (Knit and Crochet) POM - Market Bags

Fabric (Sewing) POM - Market Bags

Laser Cut Pom - Bird Disc

What is a POM? 

A POM is a Project Of the Month. Each month we choose a project for knitting/crochet, for sewing and for laser cut. 

We have recommended patterns that are typically a mix of paid and free patterns. 

We also recommend supplies for different price points. 

Why do we do a POM? 

The POM program is a fun and interesting way to develop new skills or share your experience with the community. It allows for project focused purchases and the learning to complete the project.  

POMs allow makers of all levels to join, learn and share the joy of handmaking. 

How to get involved? 

Each month we host POM focused in studio time. You can book to be part of the in studio making time, in which we have experienced helpers specific to the skills of the POM that month. 

If in studio doesn’t work, no problem! You can make the project at home, and post. There is lots of chatter each month in the Virtual Makespace FB group to discuss tips/tricks/troubleshooting, and encouragement. 

June Prizes 

Prizes will be drawn on July 6th. Prizes are granted to 1 winner from Facebook, and 1 winner from Instagram per POM category. 

Yarny POM – A $10 Gift Card to Makers Lodge 

Sewing POM – A $10 gift card to Makers Lodge 

Laser Cut POM – A skein of hand dyed floss by PewPewDyeDyeDye 

Knit Patterns and Supplies 

Photo: Summer Commitment bag with added pockets, knit by Atoosa, using Ella Rae Eco Tween Chunky. 


  1. Summer Committment Bag, by Espace Tricot. Free Pattern 
  2.  Ilene Bag, by Hannah Mason. Free Pattern. 
  3.  Farmstand Sack, by Laura Nelkin. Paid Pattern
BC Garn – Soft Silk. 
Malabrigo – Verano
Queensland Collection – Coastal Cotton, and Coastal Cotton Ocean Mist. 
Cascade Yarns – Rebound
Noro – Haunui Silk 
Borgo de’Pazzi – Raw Linen 
Ella Rae – Rustic Aran 
Ella Rae – Eco Tween Chunky 
Crochet Patterns and Supplies


1. Summer Days Daisy Bag by All About Ami. Free Pattern. Or Similar construction by All About Ami Crochet, the Wildrose Market Bag. Free Pattern

2. Portofino Bag by Two of Wands. Free Pattern

BC Garn – Soft Silk. 
Malabrigo – Verano
Queensland Collection – Coastal Cotton, and Coastal Cotton Ocean Mist. 
Cascade Yarns – Rebound
Noro – Haunui Silk 
Borgo de’Pazzi – Raw Linen 
Ella Rae – Rustic Aran 
Ella Rae – Eco Tween Chunky 
Fabric/Sewing Patterns and Supplies 


1. Easy to Sew Lined Tote Bag by Jessica Kesterson. Free Pattern

2. Free Tote Bag by Apple Green Cottage. Free Pattern (This pattern does not have the clearest of directions, and while it is ok, it may be a bit tough to follow if you have never completed a bag before) 

3. Wool and Wax Tote, Pepin Tote, Firefly Tote, or Crescent Tote by Noodlehead. Aurora Tote by Sallie Tomato.  All found at MAP


ML Fabric: Textured Cotton, Recycled Canvas, Ice Cream Stripes, Cotton Poplin 

MAP (Mad About Patchwork) Fabric: Linens (Rifle Paper Co., and Essex Solids) Quilting Cottons, Cork, Waxed Canvas, laminated Cotton

MAP Others: Interfacing (Flex Foam, Fusible Fleece, SF 911), Bag Handware, and Cotton Webbing or Leather Straps 

Laser Cut POM 

Bird Disc 

This embroidery disc features a bird on a branch that gets embroidered with flowers, using a few embroidery stitches. 

The basic kit contains the bird disc and instructions. $12

The disc can be customized with a name, date, or saying for an additional fee. 

A drop in for completing the laser cut POM is available to book, and is a cost of $20. This includes the disc, instructions, a needle, and use of the Makers Lodge threads (we keep a good stock of open colours to choose from), macrame cord to hang, and adhesive felt for the back (optional). 

Embroidery drop ins are bookable for any fibre art open stitching times throughout the month. 


These embroidery discs are a relaxing and creative way to join in the fibre arts fun! They are beginner friendly, though this bird disc is a bit more advanced than some of the other discs we have in stock. 




Rules and Regulations

To be eligible to win a prize the following criteria must be met: 

1) A photo of the project must be posted on social media by July 5th.  

 2) Facebook – there will be a POM post made on the Makers Lodge page and in the Virtual Makespace group. Each project with a comment on a post gains an entry for the prize. (If you complete 2 projects, and comment on each post, you will have 4 entries to win) Separate posts made to the Virtual Makespace group or to personal accounts with Makers Lodge tagged will also be eligible for an entry.  

3) Instagram – each post made for a completed POM, with @makerslodgecp tagged IN THE PHOTO and the #makerslodgepom used will be eligible for an entry. 

4) the project must be made from supplies purchased at Makers Lodge. 

5) Exception for June – Materials for the sewing POM may be purchased at Mad About Patchwork or Makers Lodge. 

6) Patterns and supply recommendations are suggestions, and any pattern that matches the project is accepted. 

7) This contest has no affiliation with Facebook or Instagram 

8) Have fun and get creative! 


Use #makerslodgepom

A Few Notes on Knit and Crochet Market Bags

We like to include free pattern options for the monthly POMs but sometimes these patterns haven’t been tested as vigorously as the paid patterns, and may be more “simple” patterns. Our makers here in studio like to add some personal creativity and show that any pattern can be manipulated with just a little bit of work. 

Katherine used a lighter weight yarn on the Daisy bag, so it turned out just a bit smaller than the one in the pattern. 

Atoosa added pockets to each side of the Summer Commitment bag, and also decreased the number of stitches on the strap to make the strap a bit more narrow. 

Isabelle used a heavier weight yarn on her Ilene bag. She changed needle size to get the gauge she wanted, and even further altered her gauge for the bag bottom to be sturdier. 


Choosing a Yarn: 

Strength – Yarns for Market bags need to be strong and durable. Yarns will get their strength in a few different ways. 

  1. Fibre Content. Natural fibres like linen and silk are strong, light, breathable, and hold colour beautifully. Cottons should be long staple to increase strength. 
  2. Plies and twist. Yarns with a higher twist and which are plied are going to be stronger than those with low twist and/or single ply. 
Weight- The patterns we have selected are written for different weights of yarn. BUT since bags are not made to fit, there is certainly some wiggle room on this one. We are happy to help you choose a yarn you love for the pattern that you would like to make. 

Join us! 

We have a POM knit/crochet focused drop in time on the evening of June 6th. 

Knitting – some patterns are written with a square bottom that calls to pick up stitches to work the body of the bag in the round. We are here to help you with this step! Some patterns have a circular cast on which is a new skill for many. During drop in we can help with this as well.

Crochet – learn to do a granny square! Such a great skill to gain! 

If June 6th doesn’t work, any of the fibre craft drop in times are a great option for working on your monthly POM.  


A Few Notes on Sewing Market Bags


The fabric choice is the funnest part here! Who doesn’t love a bag made with a creative mix of fabrics or a gorgeous statement fabric?! 

Outer fabric – This should be heavier, and durable. Linen or canvas are great options.  You can do a mix of cork or faux leather and fabric if that’s the look you love! 

MAP has some amazing options in this category. The Rifle Paper Co. line of patterned linens are a great choice. They also carry cork options, beautiful waxed canvas, laminated cotton (a water resistant option!) and the Essex linens, which are beautiful solids. 

Makers Lodge options include recycled canvas, stonewashed linen (Coming June 7th), or softshell.  

Inner Fabric – This can be a lighter weight, and you can add a pattern here or do a solid. MAP carries a huge variety of quilting cottons to make just the right lining.

Makers Lodge options include textured cotton, recycled canvas, or the few poplins that we have in stock. 


Bag fabrics need to be interfaced to add strength and remove any stretch or movement in the fabric. 

The interface you choose will change the structure of your bag. 

The options listed here are all fusible – which means they have a glue on one side that will adhere to your fabrics with ironing. They are so easy to use! 

SF 911 – This is the lightest option. Your bag will reflect a fabric feel. It will be soft sided. 

Fusible Fleece – This is the mid range interfacing option for bags. Your bag will have a bit more structure but will remain with a “floppy” feel. 

Flex Foam – this is a foam that has some rigidity. Your bag will be able to stand up with this option! 

You can find all of these options (and more!) at Mad About Patchwork! 


The straps you choose can really change the look of your bag! 

  1. Leather. MAP carries a beautiful option for leather strapping. This 54″ strap is soft, consistent and give a polished look. It can be sewed with your machine, or you can attach with rivets. Makers Lodge has leather in stock for making slipper soles. It comes in many colours, but it is much more rustic. We do not have an option for sale, but if you are here for sew day, you may take a look at this option. 
  2. Cotton Webbing. Found at MAP, in 1.5″ or 2″ width and loads of colours! This is a great option for tote bags. 
  3. Make your own straps from fabric! There are lots of tutorials online to make straps. And some patterns even include this in the directions. You can make them to match or contrast for the creative look you want to achieve. 

Collaboration with Mad About Patchwork 

We had planned the market bag POMs for yarn first, and then thought how great it would be to do the sewing POM to coordinate. However, we knew the stock at Makers Lodge just wasn’t up to the challenge. We are small, and not interested in being a “one stop shop” when there are incredible other small non-one-stop-shops nearby doing awesome things in this community! 

Mad About Patchwork was an obvious choice to collaborate with on this. They have been a pillar in the Ottawa sewing community for many years, stocking quality linens, quilting cottons, bag making hardware and straps, as well as creating many learning opportunities.   

A huge thank you to Ali and her staff for agreeing to join the fun this month – we hope you enjoy your shopping experience at MAP as much as we did.