Sheepskin soles with holes- Youth and Adult



Canadian Medical Sheepskin Soles. Youth and Adult Sizes Y1, Y2, Y3, L6/M4/Y4 to L16/M14.
The soles have been cut, trimmed, and have holes punched in them. They are to be used for making Log Life Handmade Sheepskin Soled Slippers.
The pattern is sold separately.
This is a handmade product (cutting/punching of soles) made from natural materials and fibres. As such, there may be some imperfections in the product that are typical to the material.
Shipping overages will be refunded. 

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Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, L6/M4 (US Shoe), L7/M5 (US Shoe), L8/M6 (US Shoe), L9/M7 (US Shoe), L10/M8 (US Shoe), L11/M9 (US Shoe), L12/M10 (US Shoe), L13/M11 (US Shoe), L14/M12 (US Shoe), L15/M13 (US Shoe), L16/M14 (US Shoe)

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  1. Billie S

    I have always hated slippers because my feet sweat like crazy. However, I was told that since these are natural they should be fine. My feet have never been so warm and cozy! After months of use the bottoms don’t look as pretty but the slippers are just as warm!!!

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