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What on earth is a frankenslipper?! Wellll, they are our signature sheepskin soled slippers, made with natural yarns and Canadian sourced sheepskin with just a bit more character than usual!
They are handmade, in Carleton Place by the owner of Makers Lodge! Christine has been making these slippers for over 7 years and crochets a little love into each pair – especially the frankenslippers which take a little extra creative magic!
Once a year we do a large stocking of the slippers made from all the yarns in studio that need to get used up. These are small amounts of hand dyed yarns, discontinued colours, yarns that needed to be a bit bulkier for slippers (you’ll see these ones made with a second strand for a 2 colour look), and more. Some of the soles hold a bit more character too – small marks or lines from the tanning process.
Don’t be fooled by the name – these slippers are cozy, breathable, beautiful and are a great way to scoop up a unique pair of slippers at a great price.
Main Frankenslipper stocking happens in January of each year.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

#1 – Pink and Purple Hand Dyed/Wool + Mohair, #2 – Pink and Purple Hand Dyed/Wool and Merino, #3 – Pinks Hand Dyed/Wool + Mohair, #4 – Neon Pink with Purple Hand Dyed/Wool, #5 – Purples Hand Dyed/ Wool, #6 – All the Colours Hand Dyed/Merino, #7 – Pastel Neon Hand Dyed/Wool, #8 – Neon Rainbow Hand Dyed/Merino, #9 – Rainbow Hand Dyed/Wool + Mohair, #10 – Purples Hand Dyed/Merino, #11 – Purple and Pink Mix/Wool, #12 – Teals Hand Dyed/Merino + Teal Leather Soles, #13 – Teals Hand Dyed/Merino, #14 – Sunshine Hand Dyed/Wool + Mohair, #15 – Lemon Hand Dyed/Merino, #16 – Purple/Merino, #17 – Pink/Merino + Mohair, #18 – Reds and Tans/Wool, #19 – Reds and Tans with Red Stripes/Wool, #20 – Yellow, pink, greens/Wool, #21 – Purples and Greens/Wool


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