Sheepskin Soled-Slippers: Seawater Weaving Dyed Yarns




Hand crocheted slippers, made right here in the Makers Lodge Studio! 
Slippers are made with sheepskin soles, and natural yarn in many colours and styles.
These slippers are made with a bulky or super bulky weight yarn that has been hand dyed by local yarn dyer Seawater Weaving, Canadian sourced lambskin or sheepskin soles, and all natural yarn fibres for temperature regulation, breathability, warmth and softness. They are perfect for in the stroller, car rides, babywearing, and provide year round comfort for new babies, bigger babies and toddlers. 
Slippers are ready to pick up or ship.
Slippers are hand made with natural products and some small imperfections may be be expected.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

#1570: 0-3m/Blue Varigated/Cashmere, Merino, Nylon, #1569: 0-3m/Blue to Tan/Cashmere, Merino, Nylon, #2068: 3-6m/Purple to Blue/Highland Wool, #2027: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Pink to Purple/Merino, #2066: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Purple to Merlot/Merino, #2067: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Merlot to Orange/Merino, #2118: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Green, Orange, Red/Highland Wool, #2070: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Green, Orange, Red/Highland Wool/Tall, #2069: 6-12m (3, 4T)/Red, Orange, Green/Highland Wool/Tall, #2073: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Purple, Fuchsia, Orange/Highland Wool, #2073: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Purple, Fuchsia, Orange/Highland Wool, #2064: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Blue, Purple, Grey/Highland Wool, #2075: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Purple, Blue, Green/Highland Wool/Tall, #2119: 12-18m (4, 5T)/green, orange, red/Highland Wool, #2120: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Red, orange, Green/Highland Wool, #2121: 12-18m (4, 5T)/Yellow, Red, Brown/Merino, #2065: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Red, Yellow, Green/Highland Wool, #2063: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Green, Yellow, Purple/Highland Wool, #2062: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Purple, Yellow, Green/Highland Wool, #2072: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Orange, Fuchsia, Purple/Highland Wool, #2074: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Green, Blue, Purple/Highland Wool, #2122: 18-24m (6, 7T)/Green, Orange, Red/Highland Wool, #1894: 6-12m (3, 4T) Muted earth tones/Highland Wool, #1892: 6-12m (3, 4T) Bright Earth Tones/Highland Wool, #1909: 12-18m (4,5T) Bright Earth Tones/Highland Wool, #1976: 12-18m (4, 5T) Earthy Rainbow/Highland Wool


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