Sheepskin soles without holes- Youth and Adult



Made with Canadian Medical Grade sheepskin, these soles are a great addition to boots, shoes or slippers to provide extra cushioning and warmth. Wool is a natural product with has antibacterial and antifungal properties, is moisture wicking and absorbent.
Soles are cut by hand from a natural product, and may contain small flaws that are consistent with the product.
Sizing is based on US/Can. shoe sizes.

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Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, L6/M4 (US Shoe), L7/M5 (US Shoe), L8/M6 (US Shoe), L9/M7 (US Shoe), L10/M8 (US Shoe), L11/M9 (US Shoe), L12/M10 (US Shoe), L13/M11 (US Shoe), L14/M12 (US Shoe), L15/M13 (US Shoe), L16/M14 (US Shoe)