16mm Lambskin – Canadian



Lambskin, Canadian sourced- Full is approx. 9sq feet, and half is approx 4.5sq feet, sheared to 16mm fleece. This is a wonderful length of fleece to make baby, and toddler sized slippers. The fleece is very soft, and the suede is softer than sheepskin, with a wonderful drape.
If you are ordering the half lambskin, It will be cut lengthwise.
This is the lambskin only, there is no pattern or made slippers sold in this listing. Pattern is sold separately.
This is a natural product, and as such, each one is unique. There may be flaws typical to the material type.

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Full (approx 8 sq ft), Half (approx 4 sq ft), 2 sq ft, 1 sq ft


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