Lykke – Colour 5″ Tips



These beautiful needles are handcrafted and assembled in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. The production routines do not rely on mechanized automation. Instead, these products benefit from the skilled and graceful human touch of our skilled Nepalese craftspeople.

Made of Birchwood.

Made in Nepal.


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US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.50mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4.00mm, US 7/4.50mm, US 8/5.00mm, US 9/5.50mm, US 10/6.00mm, US 10.5/6.50mm, US 10.75/7.00mm, US 11/8.00mm, US 13/9.00mm, US 15/10.00mm, US 17/12.00mm


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