Meet the Machines



This is an introductory course to using the sewing machines, sergers, and coverstitch machines at Makers Lodge. It is a time to be introduced to the studio and our machines that can be booked for sewing classes and times. This course is not mandatory, it is in place for those who would like to get familiar with the studio machines before booking a sewing class or time.

This is not a learn to sew class, if you are looking for a class to learn to sew, please see our “Beginner Sewing” class.

This course is set up into 2 portions – a document indicating all topics to cover, and an in-person booking that will give you a chance to use each of the machines.

Level: beginner


  • you must already know how to use a sewing machine

Please contact for an alternate timing for this booking if the times are not accessible for your schedule.

The document can be accessed here ahead of time, a hard copy will be ready in studio for your booking.





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